Begonia package

Are you looking for a fun project, either for yourself (#selfcare) or something fun to do with your kids?
Check out our DIY Begonia plants. Comes with dirt, the plant and you choose... a keepsake pot OR a sweet little keepsake Gnome!

Lady Slipper Orchid

The Paphiopedilums are commonly know as Lady Slippers. They are ones of those orchids that make you stop and appreciate Mother Nature.


The Tiger orchid is a rare orchid to get it. It is just striking with its beautiful strong lines and wonderful foliage. Placed into a gorgeous keepsake pot it will be a talking point for everyone that see's it.


This exotic orchid plant makes a loving way to honor a very special someone who has passed away.

Tulip Bloem

This Dutch way of displaying tulip bulb's have easily become one of my favourites. Enjoy the whole plant beautifully encased in glass.

Anthurium Plant

Dreaming of the tropics?! I know I am. Bring the feeling indoors with this easy to care for Anthurium Plant. Set into a fun container!

Old Man Gardenia

If you want to send a WOW factor. This Gardenia plant is for you. Tucked into a beautiful ceramic planter, this truly gives the feeling of fantasy.

Desert Sunshine

Succulents are all the rage right now and we are so obsessed. This amazing planter is easy to care for by any level of plant parent! Carrying a variety of succulents to enjoy.

African Queen Bromeliad

This STUNNING Bromeliad is a true show stopper. Water with filtered water in the leaves and keep the soil moist. You are good to go!


A wonderful plant for those who don't look after plants well. It will tell you it needs watering by getting droopy!

Warrior Plant

A beautiful and unique planter. This little guy is holding the easiest plant to care for. The Sansevieria plant (AKA Snake Plant)

Mother Nature

If we picture Mother Nature, this is how we see her.

Easter Orchid

A stunning Mini Phalaenopsis Orchid plant complete with the perfect ceramic container and the sweet little nest. The container varies but the whimsy does not!

Succulent Pots local

6 Succulent Succulents! Perfect for your office, kitchen, bedroom, living room.... well everywhere!

Punny Plants HDK

Get this fun and wonderful grouping of Plants! Grouping will come with 1 succulent and 2 tropical plants. Plants will vary depending on what we have available. We only use what is in season and fresh!

Natural succulent

Long lasting succulents for that modern person in your life.


A mix of green and blooming plants in a basket makes a nice presentation and a long lasting gift.


A mix of green and blooming plants in a basket makes a nice presentation and a long lasting gift.

Purple Orchid Plant

Purple Phalaenopsis Orchid

waterfall orchid

Easy to care for, does not require a lot of watering.

wooden succulent

Rustic and yet charming.

White Planter Basket

Looking for something to last a long time? Plants are a wonderful way of sending your love. White flowers are in this planter basket.


A small but perfect orchid for any room of the home.


This assortment of colorful African violets is the perfect gift for any occasion. Violets are delivered in a basket and finished with a bow.