Flowers that are good for you and the enviroment!

New Designs

Designs by HDK

Florist's Choice

Let our experts take over!

White Pump

That bright punch of colour that makes every table shine. Includes all those fall flowers you love.

Birch Beauty

Bring on the Birch! Oh yes, there are amazing flowers in here too including those awesome Protea's.


Soothing tones that blend together in harmony.


Beautiful fall tones arranged in nice keepsake container. Would go great in just about any room.

Purple Pumpkin

Trend forward purple pumpkin!


Soothing tones that blend together in harmony.

Sunflower HH

These Sunflowers are actually classified as white. In reality, the petals are a creamy soft yellow with a green center. We finished this off with that Glorious Amaranthus to add more texture.

Fall Tones Handtied

Nothing is more pleasing to they eye to me, than fall colours. So rich and so many flowers to choose from! Using flowers that are available now!

Pink Popsicle

Beautiful flowers in pink and white tones. Perfect for that girly girl in your life!

Heather only

Have the florists who did flowers in the White House design your bouquet!

Florist's Choice

Let our experts take over!

Back to Nature

Beautiful Pastel Colors are perfect for this spring time medley and all that nature has to offer, including a little Robins Nest.

Rustic Hand Tied

Enjoy a beautifully designed Hand Tied Style to bring the current flowers that are in our shop to life in your home.

Bouquet LL Subscrip

*Keep flowers in your home with the long lasting bouquet. Look forward to those blooms every 2 weeks

Boho Garden

Using garden roses, pampas grass, reeds, preserved flowers and foliage. This brings the current trend to life for you home!


This is one of my favourite styles of design. Clean, modern and sophisticated. Know anyone in your life like that? This is the perfect look.


Hydrangeas, Protea's, Roses and more! Oh My! Using what is best for what we have in season and creating that oh so desired look!

Assorted hand tied

A beautiful every day bouquet filled with all of your favorite flowers. Flowers and colours will vary to what is available but a stunning bouquet is always promised.

Mono Hand Tied

A stunning bouquet designed in One colour to give it that modern look. Choose your colour and let our floral artists bring that bouquet to life using flowers that are currently in season. Flowers may vary from picture depending on what is available.

waterfall orchid

Easy to care for, does not require a lot of watering.

Colour Craze

How can you go wrong with this Amazing Flower Color Palette. This is the perfect Flower craze.


Spoil someone!


It s a poem of beauty in this array of fragrant blooms. An absolute lovely way to send your love.