Money Tree 5"

Bring some luck to your home with this beautiful 5" potted Money Tree!

Flamingo Anthurium

Placed in a beautiful keepsake pot, this gorgeous Flamingo Anthurium is a crowd pleaser. Great for any room of your home as it adds that vibrant pop of colour to make your home shine.

Ficus Buddha Garden

Bring this homemade garden planter featuring a beautiful Ficus Bonsai into your home this Lunar New Year.

5 Step Pagoda

Adorn your home with this adorable 5 Step Pagoda just in time for Lunar New Year.

LG Bonsai

These figs are popular houseplants and are often grown as bonsai because of their unusual shaped trunks. Easy to look after and wonderful to enjoy.

Sm Bonsai

These figs are popular houseplants and are often grown as bonsai because of their unusual shaped trunks. Easy to look after and wonderful to enjoy.

Mon Cheri

A collection of seasonal garden blooms in a keepsake ceramic container, giving the look and feel of a crocheted container. This look includes the best floral selections of the day!

Beautiful Love

For the earth conscience, this design uses no foam. Instead, it is filled with water. Garden Roses, Orchids, Gerbera Daisies, Bunny Tails, stunning foliages such as Seeded Eucalyptus and Myrtle fill this incredible concrete container.

Anthurium Plant

Dreaming of the tropics?! I know I am. Bring the feeling indoors with this easy to care for Anthurium Plant. Set into a fun container!

Desert Sunshine

Succulents are all the rage right now and we are so obsessed. This amazing planter is easy to care for by any level of plant parent! Carrying a variety of succulents to enjoy.

Sculpted Dahlias

Beautifully presented to make the dahlias shine. Sculpted to precision and drooled over my many!

Sculpted Roses

25 Rose's petals have been reflexed back to give this phenomenal texture to this sculpted design. This is only available in Edmonton, Sherwood Park and St. Albert.

Mother Nature

If we picture Mother Nature, this is how we see her.

Flamingo bouquet

Do you love Flamingo's? Who doesn't?! This bouquet is set in a stunning keepsake container featuring a sweet little flamingo. Filled with lilies, gerbera daisies, garden roses and carnations.

Natures Love

A beautiful ceramic log vase. Filled with the natural tones of golds, blues and greens. Finished with a tough of cotton.

Birch Beauty

Bring on the Birch! Oh yes, there are amazing flowers in here too including those awesome Protea's.

Beautiful Buds

The apothecary trend is not going anywhere! Clusters of different shaped bud vases are great for any place in the house. Flowers used are what is in season! Perfect for clipping flowers from the garden after!

Soft skies

Soft blue and white hues adorn this lovely keepsake blue vase. Featuring Hydrangeas and lilies.

Flamingo Package

Talk about smelling the flowers! A giant stuffed flamingo is really enjoying this bouquet filled with lilies, gerbera daisies, garden roses and carnations all set in a matching flamingo container.

Warrior Plant

A beautiful and unique planter. This little guy is holding the easiest plant to care for. The Sansevieria plant (AKA Snake Plant)

That shoe

For the shoe lover!