Flamingo Package

Talk about smelling the flowers! A giant stuffed flamingo is really enjoying this bouquet filled with lilies, gerbera daisies, garden roses and carnations all set in a matching flamingo container.

Flamingo bouquet

Do you love Flamingo's? Who doesn't?! This bouquet is set in a stunning keepsake container featuring a sweet little flamingo. Filled with lilies, gerbera daisies, garden roses and carnations.


A beautiful and unique planter. This little guy is holding the easiest plant to care for. The Sansevieria plant (AKA Snake Plant)

Birch Beauty

Bring on the Birch! Oh yes, there are amazing flowers in here too including those awesome Protea's.


This Andin vase is the perfect keep sake vase. Featuring stunning ranunculus, you truly cannot help but smile.

Love Vibernum

Mono-botanicals are absolutely my favourite thing! These Vibernum don't need a lot to say amazing. They do it all on their own.

Poppy Power

Poppies are the ultimate garden flower! Set in this beautiful and unique vessel.

Cactus Bunny Ears

Talk about fun! Cactus Bunny is a great way to just enjoy nature. The beautiful ceramic pot is the perfect touch to making this family favourite!

That shoe

For the shoe lover!